Photos from the past: Who needs horses?

A bike shop in Detroit in 1912 - A hipster's dream

You might not know that both Maarten and me are men who appreciate history. Heck, Maarten even has a degree on the topic and luckily there are amazing sites on the web that goes through amazing historical resources and shares it with us. One of these, and also one of my favorite sites is Most of the photos on that site are from from the Library of Congress research archive. Here are a few beauties that have bikes in them.

Chrome didn't make bags in 1913 for 12-year old messenger company owners
I do hope this is the same guy a year later, after pimping up his show.
Rapha started early.
The only difference to today is the lack of a helmet. And color.
The most important thing is that people still love their bikes

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