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November sucks: Slippery when wet

11 Comments 15 November 2010

Ever wondered what the insides of a Reelight look like?

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the sun. It’s been even longer since I’ve taken a ride in the sun. Today was sunny, after a refreshing rain shower. I learned that there’s one thing more slippery than wet wood. Carbon soles on wet wood.

That would be the force of gravity.

The annoying thing is that I was carrying my bike, and landed on it. The sad thing? While I went to pick up my camera to photograph the broken Reelight, still wearing my carbon soles, I fell again.

Steel is real, but it's not adamantium.

All and all, I didn’t go for a ride. Mostly due to bent wheels, a dent in my Surly frame and probably other broken parts as well.

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  • oh man, sorry about this.

  • Thanks Jim, appreciate it!

  • Doug P

    Ouch! I have similar stories.
    Worst injury skiing; a fall in the parking lot on my coccyx.
    Most damage to my road bike: falling on the wet floor as I walked carrying the bike. (bent bars)
    I’m glad you didn’t injure yourself. It’s a good thing Surlys are sturdy!
    Keep smiling anyway!

  • Anonymous

    I have had no bike mishaps, but one year in August 1996, a friend and her husband and I went on a camping/cycling trek. We cycled 300 miles. I injured my back sleeping on the ground in my tent and put my back out. While we were heading down a dirt road with 80 pounds of gear on our bikes. All 4 panniers were loaded. The bike fell on top of me…as I lay on the dirt. My friends came to my rescue as I could not get up. Ah the memories of that trip. Are still fresh in my mind! Fantastic trip……..Geo

  • We always keep smiling, although I do get to hear a lot about my mishaps from my friends as I tell about them so publicly :)

  • Thanks for sharing! I remember a similar event, which had sleeping on the ground as the problem as well. That taught me to _always_ clear out all debris from the ground under my sleeping bag. Pebbles don’t do good for your back :)

  • Oh no! But what were you doing wearing carbon soled shoes at this time of year? That sounds like some dainty summer road bike business! :-) I think I said before, Power Straps and hiking boots are the solution for these muddy, slippy times!

  • Well yeah, those actually were the winter shoes from North Wave :P

    Also, hiking boots and spandex are a funny mix. You look like a gay lumberjack.

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  • christopheru

    Reminds me of one January a few years back when I (stupidly) leaned into a turn on a wet wooden boardwalk and went splat! all over creation. Ouch. I did nothing to my bike and really nothing to me, but ouch the pride! Silicone coated mud tires and wet wood don’t mix!


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