November brings five months of riding

The Autumn colors are replaced by muted ones

November is here and the land is preparing for hibernation here in Finland. October and November have always been annoying months for cycling because of freezing temperatures during the night and wet leaves during the day make cycling similar to working in a vaseline factory. The last two months of riding have been quite broken thanks to a bout with influenza and dislocating my shoulder the first day commuting to work after recovering.

The shoulder has been on the mend for five weeks now. It still hurts, but not as much and I can ride with it. Still, I managed to clock in some hours on the bike and that brings our totals to the following:

  • Back to the old pace after the summer, in the last sixty days or so I’ve ridden 22 times (with my heart rate monitor) for a total of about 530 kilometers, I guess I’ve done around 250 km without the meter, so approximately the same as my first two months
  • I’ve burned 33,114 calories in those two months month. That puts the calorie counter to 146,825 calories in five months!
  • My average speed has increased from 22.5 km/h to 24.3 km/h, it started with 20.8 km/h
  • My average heart rate is up to 152 BPM from 144 a month ago, which probably means it’s been colder and body has to work harder
  • I’ve done over 22 hours of exercising in two months I wouldn’t have done otherwise, still down a lot compared to 31 hours in August
  • Saved 45 euros on bus tickets, to a total of 285 euros in three months (I have spent way more on gear though..)

Still, now it seems like things are getting better, should be able to ride more continuously – especially when I’m having my new winter shoes! Which we take a look at tomorrow.

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By Markus Sandelin

Markus is a bike commuter gadget freak who is learning the ropes of the bike world, you can find him all around the web - but you can start with his twitter at @banton.