From the web: 4iiii Cyclist HUDs and Qoroz travel road bikes

Have you ever been casually riding your weekly 80 kilometer run wearing your heart rate meter and thinking: “Oh my god, I wish I wouldn’t have to move my neck to look down for a few seconds to see whether my heart rate is too high.”?

Well wait no more! The 4iiii Innovations Sport-iiiis is here to help. Seriously, that has to be the most retarded name for a product and a company since the invention of the alphabet. Some sources say it’s supposed to be “four-eyes” and “sport-eyes”, but you know what? It isn’t. CyclingHUD would be a much logical name for your product, even BikeHUD is available. The purpose of a name is to describe the thing you’re trying to sell. Not just mix up numbers and letters. If you need help with marketing, we can help you. Actually, the music in your video reminds me of this:

Anyway, the product is a head-up display (or HUD for short) for cyclists. We use the term HUD loosely here, as the Sport-iiiis is a row of LEDs that attach to your glasses and display ANT+ (wireless antenna data from your heart rate meter (that’s HRM). So, if you would do cross-country riding (that’s XC) the product would be an XC ANT+ HRM HUD. Ah, just watch the video.

If you travel a lot, have you ever thought that you could have your own bike with you? I think we all have. Luckily there’s a solution for that too:

No, it's not a Brompton on acid

The Qoroz Freedom Won (which sounds like a North Korean monument) is a small road bike. It doesn’t fold, even though I’m sure you were thinking of it. It’s made of titanium, has 20″ carbon wheels and the purpose of it is to take it with you when you travel. It packs up to a suitcase meeting the US hand luggage restrictions, if you’re really in a hurry. And have nothing else to carry with you.

I doubt anyone would buy this bike for their only bike, so justifying spending €4000 on a bike you only take with you on trips instead of, say .. renting one? You could also buy four cheaper bikes for the same price from discounts, which I’m sure would be pretty okay for those few weeks of riding somewhere else than on your Qoroz Road Won whose “Vertical compliance is coupled with torsional rigidity, resulting in a bike that is equally at home racing on longer sportive rides.”

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By Markus Sandelin

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