Friday Video: Cycle Oregon – The Rapha way

Somehow we feel that today you have more time to check out the traditional Friday video. So grab another coffee and if you feel peer pressure: Pretend you are cleaning your (unplugged) keyboard or just reserve a meeting room for yourself for the coming 20 minutes.

As a mountain biker I prefer the forest and off-road environments, so most of the time I end up watching helmet cam runs like the one we posted last week or listen to the poetry of the Atherton family. Or then it’s bike-mastering skills à la MacAskill – I have to admit: I watched it 3 times in a row.

Heading for the Oregon trail | Photo by Rapha

The only ones who get me out of the woods and on to the road are the boys (and in this case also girls) from the Rapha Continental Club. This time they participated in the 457 mile Cycle Oregon event. At least in some kind of way. The true spirit of biking adventures including outdoor camping, wine tastings and … rodeo. Yet another Rapha quality video and an additional diary and photo blog helping you to forget the snowy landscapes outside.

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By Maarten Patteeuw

Maarten is an avid road and mountain biker who lives and breathes everything rolling on two wheels. You can follow his rantings on Twitter by looking for @maapathel.