Exclusive video: Cycling in November sucks

If you’re read our blog before, you know that I just got my helmet camera from GoPro a week ago and finally had the time to edit a short clip of a ride in quite terrible weather in November. As I’ve already mentioned, this month is probably the worst for riding as there’s anything from ice to snow to slush to water on the street and this can change in one hour or even when riding from my place to the city center which is close to the sea, whereas it’s more of a continental weather where I live.

Still, this video is both a test of the GoPro HD and a tribute to November and the fact that the month sucks.

Hope you enjoy it!

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By Markus Sandelin

Markus is a bike commuter gadget freak who is learning the ropes of the bike world, you can find him all around the web - but you can start with his twitter at @banton.