City commuting: Stockholm vs. Helsinki

Copenhagen winter cycle chic chick | Photo by Mikael Colville-Andersen

We recognize that Coming Thru is not a political blog or talking too much about city planning or traffic management, but it does affect us. I’ve mentioned earlier that there is a very active group of people here in Finland, who are working hard in order to improve the conditions for all Finns.

Luckily, the guys doing this promotion and activism are smart and are going for the voters instead of the decision-makers and they’ve done a series of four posts of photos comparing the cycling conditions of Stockholm and Helsinki, two very similar Nordic capital cities (of Sweden and Finland, respectively).

The posts are in Finnish, but photos are universal and you can really see the difference of the city routes and planning.

Stockholm vs. Helsinki, Part I

Stockholm vs. Helsinki, Part II

Stockholm vs. Helsinki, Part III

Stockholm vs. Helsinki, Part IV

How are things in your city? Is the planning wise, are they doing anything to fix it?

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By Markus Sandelin

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