Saturday miscellany: Folding bikes and Surly Pugsley

The Pugsley is a magnificent sight | Photo by Peter Nylund

We will still be hanging around in a different city on the time you read this post, so I can use this day to post a few items that have been in the back of my heard and I’ve wanted to mention. First up is a rare find, a Finnish cycling blog: Yeti rides is a site run by Peter Nylund and as you can see from his posts, he likes the nature and riding in it with different kinds of equipment.

His latest build is a brown Surly Pugsley, known for its excellent snow riding capabilities and trademark massive tires and wheels. I liked the way he has a sprocket in both wheels, allowing him to change to a fixed gear hub from his 8-speed Alfine hub in the other wheel. Smart! Check him out!

The second item goes to the other end of rationality bar, similar to the other funny things we have mentioned earlier (like the Elliptigo and the hilarious Blacktrail BT-01) – We introduce you the Dreamslide! How could you ever go wrong with a name like that?

This 10-kilo (yet they call it light) contraption which is something between a kick bike and a scooter without a saddle is again one of those things that look really cool on a video, going downhill. As was with the Elliptigo, this thing is priced pretty crazily as well. Guess how much? No, not even close. This costs close to 1300 euros! (that’s over $1800 USD) – which buys you a high-quality bike in any part of the world.

Also, as with many other “bikes”, most of the parts are custom, making them harder to find, harder to replace and naturally more expensive as well. These companies are seriously not doing any service for cycling in general.

Here’s a funny BMX kid OTB (over-the-bars) action to end this post.

We’ll see you tomorrow.

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