Review: Rock’n’Roll Extreme Lube

Too lazy to take a better photo, at least this is a bit artistic.

There are lubes and then there are lubes. There are many different kinds as well: Ones for dry weather (usually based on wax), ones for wet (usually based on grease) and everything from between. Then there are these magic lubricants that don’t really care what kind of weather it is or how long you ride. The Rock’n’Roll Extreme is like that, except that it also cleans your chain and cassette while lubing it up.

There are a few companies who really have taken their lubrication further than others. For me, two companies take the trophy – Finish Line and Rock’n’Roll, the latter even calls themselves The King of Lubes and while it might sound pretentious reading from a web site, when you start using it, you will kneel before the king.

With wrong or cheaper lubricants, you should lube your chains after every ride, sometimes even during the ride. A poorly lubricated chain is the simplest mistake any bike owner can succumb to and it’ll wear down your chain and sprocket quickly. So get lubing!

The larger Extreme kit comes with the 500ml bottle, a smaller bottle for application and two drop nozzles for your application bottle.

Our verdict: ★★★★★

Sure, the Rock’n’Roll Extreme might not be priced like your average super market olive oil – a 500ml (16 oz) bottle will cost about 20 euros, but it’ll last longer than anything else and offer better performance as well. Buy it.

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By Markus Sandelin

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