Cyclocross Finnish Championships 10.10.10

Cyclocross is not all about riding, it's running too | Photo by Michael McCullough

Tomorrow will be a day of racing in the capital area of Finland, when the Finnish championships of cyclocross (or CX in short) will be settled and won. We’ll be there to shoot some photos and enjoy the action, unfortunately neither of us will be actually participating in the ride, but we’ll be there in spirit.

The race will be held in Kontula, a district of Helsinki some 15 kilometers from the city center in a very urban environment. Actually, the best place to watch the race is from the high-rise buildings surrounding the park where  the race will be held.

Cyclocross Finnish National Championship Circuit 2010 from Raparperi McCyclist on Vimeo.

Luckily there are a lot of helmet cameras (our is on its way from Canada!) and a prolific amateur cyclist videomaker going by the name of Rhubarb McCyclist made a nice video of the CX championship track. I’m also pretty sure that his name is a pseudonym.

There will be several riding categories. The race starts with an everyman open 30 minute run, which is not a championship race. After that we have ages 16 or under boys and girls and women 18 or under riding also 30 minutes. Then we start to pace up with men 18 or under with women’s open champ series. They ride for 40 minutes before we go to the main event, the men’s Elite run of 60 minutes and eventually we will have the champions crowned.

Näytä suurempi kartta

If you’re around and want to come see it, the riding starts at 11:00 and ends about 14:00. The maps above.

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