Cool things coming in the next few weeks

This is just a beautiful photo of a Helkama Jopo | Photo by Janne Hellsten

Had to sacrifice some screen room for that amazing photo by Janne Hellsten of his Helkama bike, which is the other reason I’m so excited! Some little birds might have whispered secrets into our ears and it looks like I’ll get to fulfill one of my life long dreams and visit a working bicycle factory!

.. This is actually very silly, but my iTunes, which is on random is pumping out Bicycle Race from Queen ..

We also have more gear to review and more riding to do, as soon as my shoulder becomes more located in its right place. I’m sure Maarten also has lots of bike stories from his trip to Belgium and the Netherlands, since everybody liked his previous article so much.

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By Markus Sandelin

Markus is a bike commuter gadget freak who is learning the ropes of the bike world, you can find him all around the web - but you can start with his twitter at @banton.