Autumn riding in the countryside

One of my favourite straights, looks good in any season or color

It’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve been on my bicycle, and even though I should rest two more weeks I had to take my brown missile out for a quick run. I wanted to test how my shoulder would last and also try out my new winter bib pants and my new Endura jacket.

I hope I won't lose the bike in the woods due to its natural camouflague

The weather was a crisp 10 degrees Celsius, and I only wore my storm bibs and the Endura jacket and boy it was lovely. I was cool, but not cold and the jacket has so many ventilation holes and zippers you can specify the square inch you want to ventilate. The shoulder did surprisingly well, climbing was difficult and a bit painful when using hands.

You get sights like this just 15 kilometers from the center of Helsinki

I don’t think I’ll start riding daily to work yet, but I will go riding after work to keep the blood flowing.

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By Markus Sandelin

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