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The beginning wasn't easy.

When I wrote my first post, I had already been cycling for a few weeks. Well, I had been at least trying hard, but it seemed like the gods of cycling were seriously trying to keep me away from the saddle.

.. even when I already was on the saddle.

When I took my first proper fall in years, I had to spend a while writing about the art of falling the right way – because it had saved me from hurting myself any more. Even with all these problems, the hunger started growing and there were success as well – and of course a lot of ridicule from my friends and family, but I was taught that ridicule is just another form of caring.

I liked cycling so much that I wanted to write about the top 5 things that makes cycling awesome, and it’s still in the front page of our blog. I think it’s my best post so far, but there’s still a long way to go. After the first two months of riding, the results came in and boy was I surprised! Yeah, it felt good – but seeing it in numbers added to the feeling I already had, it was beautiful.

Surly Cross Check Complete in Beef Gravy Brown
The first thought of the Ultimate Commuter

Shortly after, I started dreaming of a new bike – and it came to be the Ultimate Commuter. It’s a thing of beauty, a flying monster and a trusted friend. Who also has a dark side. I had five (or six..) flats in a week’s time, and I started losing my faith. Yet, with a little bit of tuning (ie. changing the tires, rim tape and tubes completely), I got that problem sorted, but that’s not the end of problems yet.

Still, one of the best times of my life is going on now. It rules.

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