A workplace that pays to bike to work?

They lift stuff, or rent cranes | Photo by Hannu Oskala

Earlier we posted about Nokia having bicycles in their Berlin offices for traveling between them. We like that. A few weeks ago we heard about another company, Pekkaniska, supporting a healthy lifestyle including bicycle commuting and we have to congratulate them by posting this.

Their press release defines their program as:

From the beginning of 2011 the employees will be paid 0,25 €/km when they cycle to work (minimum of 5 km/direction). Also the range of sports will be extended, when nowadays you can earn a bonus of 170 € by running a marathon. In the future, employees can earn the same amount by participating in an official competition in orienteering (25 km), rowing (50 km), cross-country skiing (60 km), cycling (120 km) or triathlon (1500 m/40 km/10 km). This bonus can be earned, however, only in one completed competition during the year. Also the participation fees will be paid.

One thing they don’t mention in there is the reason they do it. No, it’s not just goodwill. According to their research, every euro they spend towards employees being healthy saves them four euros. I assume that the company also offers facilities to support this kind of lifestyle, such as bicycle parking and showers. Then again, if they rent out cranes the size of apartment buildings, I would assume they have quite a big lot.

Take heed, other companies!

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By Markus Sandelin

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