Tour de Helsinki 2010 has finished

The riders approaching the velodrom | Photo by Mace

Well, the 2010 Tour de Helsinki has been raced last Sunday and there were a massive number of over 1 700 riders participating and the top were making sure they ride fast. The top Finns have always been showing up in the tour when possible, and their times were not bad. The winner of the mens’ series Matti Helminen from CycleCenterCT finished the race in 3 hours 39 minutes and 49 seconds, putting his average speed to 38.21 kilometers per hour (that’s nearly 24 miles per hour), which is fast.

Toby Archer, a Brit living in Finland participated in the tour this year and he posted an article in his blog yesterday, talking about his experiences with the race. An interesting race and the personal struggle one has with the longer rides is always tantalizing to read!

We were happy to see Maarten’s team buddies from Rush Racing perform well also: Juho Heikkilä, Lieven de Rycke and Juha Pulkki finished 70th, 72nd and 78th respectively – while having only a two second time difference, which is usual when riding in groups in these types of competitions. Unfortunately neither of us participated this year, Maarten due to his flu and me because of my training regime, but next year the Coming Thru will be yelling just that!

You can check the final results from the TdH web site.

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