Roll across the Antarctic: Fortune Hanebrink

No, this isn't an artist's (failed) rendition

Say one day you get an idea: “I want to go across the Antarctic” and continue “.. with a bike.” Your mustache won’t keep you warm enough when your carbon fiber wheels are sinking in the slush while polar bears claw your spine out. So what do you take with you, what’s your pack of Huskies and a sled in the form of a bicycle?

Sure, Surly’s Pugsley has fat wheels (they’re not called Large Marge for nothing) but even that awesome piece of steel and rubber won’t ride you over Santa’s back yard. Luckily, the guy who had the idea was a NASA aerospace engineer called Dan Hanebrink and he built this Arctic explorer a bike. Well, they actually call it an “electric all-terrain vehicle” and that kind of describes what this bike was designed to do.

To kick ass.

Here's someone actually riding one, so you can see the dimensions.

Fourteen gears, the extra-wide 20 x 8 inch tires and a 600 Watt electric motor to keep you moving. One full charge on the battery can keep you going for a 100 miles (around 160 kilometers) and the transmission has been designed to carry loads up to 150 kilograms. You know, for your Arctic survival gear.

The Hanebrink comes in different colors, and it will set you back at least $5.500 buckaroos – which means that you can buy ten of these babies for your friends too, instead of the Blacktrail BT-01 bling-cycle we looked at yesterday.

It’s awesome, check out the site and the video below:

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