Dress up: Montane Velocity DT weatherproof jacket

The only pockets are in the front, two of them. Velcro and reflection all around!

One part in my realization of cooling weather was the fact that my back was freezing. None of the local shops had either good enough or big enough top layers for me to buy, so I had to order them online. Lucky for me, there were plenty of discounts available and I went with outdoor experts Montane. I had actually never heard of the company, but I’ve learned that they are based in the United Kingdom and they seem to have a pretty good selection.

My aim was to get a jacket that was warm and dry enough to get me by, but breathable and not too thick to cause my hot-blooded body to overheat. I’m the kind of person who’d rather be a little cold than a little hot. By showing a little bit of trust towards marketing words, I ended up with Montane’s Velocity DT – a simple jacket that weighs only 255 grams and fits in a same room as an apple, which they prove nicely by delivering all their lighter gear in an included sack.

The front pockets are lined with a mesh that you can use for ventilation.

Although the jacket is very light in every sense, the zippers and velcro pads seem sturdy, but only time will show how they will last the test of time. The design in itself is very common for cycling jackets: Long sleeves, long drop tail and more reflective bits than a disco ball. There are a few caveats, which I think Montane changed in the next version of the Velocity DT: The jacket is missing rear pockets, the two existing front pockets are huge and cavernous, not really giving a good place for holding your stuff like keys or a phone.

The jacket comes in several sizes and three colors: black, red and police officer neon yellow and it retails for around 150 euros.

Our verdict: ★★★½☆

The next version of this jacket (if this indeed is the older version) will be even more awesome, but if you do find a Velocity DT on discount, I suggest you grab it with you.

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By Markus Sandelin

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