Commuting: Finding the right position

I do love the small details Surly has on their bikes

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been feeling the effort of my daily commute and I think some of the stress is due to some problems with my position and posture on the bike. I feel that I have to work a bit too much without receiving the benefit I anticipate. I took my old bike on a quick grocery run today and while the posture was very different, it felt like I had to work less to get the bike rolling. Even though it has fat 42mm tyres and it’s a heavy slug in itself.

I have felt that I have to reach a bit to get to the handlebar properly, but that is also due to the fact that I’m about as limber as a steel girder. My plan is to try on two different stems, a 90mm and a 110mm to replace my current 120mm one. The second thing is to get the saddle higher to get my legs working more optimally.

I haven’t owned a bike with a road geometry in over a decade and even then I didn’t have much say on the ergonomics on that bike, so I don’t have that much experience on it. Sadly, we haven’t even had time to do a ride together with Maarten with the new bike, which would allow us to do some tweaking, yet.

If you have links, ideas and tips please let me know in the comments, I would appreciate the help.

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By Markus Sandelin

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