Commuting: Back on the road!

The final puncture with the Michelins gave me a new keyring
The final puncture with the Michelins gave me a new keyring

As I’m writing this on a Thursday night, having my fingers fill my nostrils with the scent of vulcanized rubber, I’m seriously hoping I will not have another flat this year. I just got back in from installing new tyres that have Kevlar in them, the same material they put in bulletproof vests. Theoretically, I should be able to ride through Afghanistan and not have a flat, but let’s see what the world brings.

Generally, I’m a very patient man, but the fifth flat in about a week, added with being tired and a bit sore from riding long and frequently I gave up. The walk home was very annoying, and I just left the bike there at the porch, locked. The next two nights when I was supposed to be changing the tyre, I found myself meeting friends instead so I actually had a few days off.

I don't want to see this tool being used this year, before changing to winter tyres.

The first day I felt a bit guilty, but it was relieved when a very effective strain of flu knocked even Maarten out and stopped his howler monkey-like mockery for a few days. That also means that he hasn’t been riding this week and will miss Tour de Helsinki this year, which totally sucks. But the most important thing is that he’ll get better and since he’s bed-ridden, he’ll actually write some blog posts as well.


Have a great weekend!

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