Cold feet: Endura Neoprene road overshoes

This is what an overshoe looks like, a slab of neoprene with holes and zippers.

According to (a quite boring) legend, galoshes were invented by an Englishman called Radley. The man suffered from rheumatism and wanted to keep his shoes dry, and back then people didn’t have too many pairs of shoes since mass fabrication wasn’t a trending topic at the time.

In modern usage, galoshes are outer shoes worn in inclement weather to protect the inner shoes and keep the feet dry. Galoshes are now almost universally made of rubber. … A more modern term for galoshes is overshoes. Overshoes have evolved in the past decades and now are being made with more advanced features, such as high traction outsoles.

By “advanced features” in the cycling world, you naturally have to have Kevlar, carbon fiber and other cool elements.

Not the best looking things in the world, but warm and comfy!

So that’s what we talk about now, overshoes and these specific models from UK company Endura. The pair is made from neoprene, a material most familiar from diving wetsuits and the these versions are meant for winter and otherwise cold and wet use. There are also a lighter version of overshoes, which are more like spandex socks worn over shoes that may cover whole of the shoe or just act as a toe warmer.

The cool thing about overshoes is saving money. Buying proper cycling shoes designed for winter can cost a lot, usually way over a 100 euros even on discount – while you can get a pair of cycling shoes and a pair of really warm overshoes for way less – especially on discount.

Endura has three models for their overshoes: Two types of road cycling shoes and one pair of mountain bike variety. Of course, most of the shoes are pretty much identical to each other as they basically are slabs of neoprene stitched together with a zipper and a few holes.

This is the largest model, but it could be a bit larger for my huge feet.

As you can see from the above photo, the sole is a bit different from the upper part as it’s supposed to survive you walking with it. The sole has tougher stitching, Kevlar reinforcing and two holes for your heels and your cleats. I have to say though, my overshoes could be a bit larger, but this size is the largest Endura does – even though the company usually does sizes from tiny to huge (5XL in some clothing).

Our verdict: ★★★½☆

The Endura overshoes are a simple design and with their decently-priced (~25 Euros) quality and availability, they’re a sure bet to keep your feet dry and comfy during those wet a cold rides.

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By Markus Sandelin

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