Bulletproof: Continental Travel Contact 700 x 37c tyres

The tyres have a semi-slick tread with knobs if you have to go off the road

A few weeks back I wrote about the rolling parts of the Ultimate Commuter and when writing that post, I already had had my first flat with the Michelin City tyres. Today, noticing that I actually had a puncture with a gaping hole in the Michelin tyres, I lost faith in them and decided to pull out the big guns. Next up in line were Der Globetrotters from Continental – the Kevlar reinforced puncture resistant tyres that were designed for hard-core touring.

The Travel Contacts come in three sizes: For 28″ wheels the 700 x 37, 700 x 42 and for 26″ wheels they come in 26 x 1.75. I went with the thirty-sevens for lower rolling resistance and less weight. They are not cheap, but they have a very good reputation similar to the Marathon Plus tyres from Schwalbe and they do have fricken Kevlar in them. They’re not too light either, the 37mm wide versions weigh 515 grams, so a pair will give your bike another kilo.

On the first ride with them I was very pleased on the way they rolled and I expect them to be a bit more comfortable as well on the rougher patches in my commute, but what I expect most is reliability even when riding through a glass and nails factory.

After I’ll have a thousand or two kilometers on them, I’ll give you the full report.

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By Markus Sandelin

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