Blog tip: Italian rides over 4000km around Finland

Raffaello is his already classic pose photos around landmarks

Yesterday we wrote about the Tour de Helsinki wrapping up and in the comments I found a link to a very interesting web site. Sure, it is yet another blog, but this one had something special in it. The owner of said blog is an Italian,  Raffaello Tesi and he’s been living in Finland since 2001. Starting in June, he went for a 110km ride from his place in Oulu to Ajos having never done anything like it. Well, you know how it goes – 53 days and 4353 kilometers later, after finishing Tour de Helsinki he packs up and rides home.

It’s a great read, and I suggest you read it chronologically – here’s a link to the first post of his journey.

UPDATE: Signore Tesi sent me a link to the proper starting page of this journey: Here it is.

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