Tour de Helsinki with Polar Bears

The wait for the start in Tour de Helsinki 2009
The wait for the start in Tour de Helsinki 2009

It’s exactly one week until some grand tour action here in the capital of Finland, the Tour de Helsinki (or TdH for short). Naturally our Maarten will be racing there although his training regimen hasn’t been optimal lately, but I’m sure he’ll do well enough again this year (he was 285th last year out of 1100+ contestants). He will be riding for the Rush Racing team with their black and green outfits.

Tour de Helsinki is a 140 kilometer race and 2010 will be the fourth time it is run in its current form and it’s becoming quite an event and you can really notice the increase of road cycling with events like these.

Of course, you can take it easier as well | Photo by Esko Lius

For some, the Helsinki tour isn’t really a very serious competition and they might as well take it a bit easier. Esko Lius, one of the leading cycling activists, a political influence and naturally a blogger decided to do the Tour de Helsinki this year “with feeling” and above you can see the plush polar bear that will accompany him in the golden throne he made (he seems to be quite the carpenter otherwise as well.)

Their goal is to show the crowd that cycling is not that serious, that it’s fun and everyone can participate. I’d love to ride in it, but it would screw up my commuting regimen, which is my main priority this year – so I’ll focus on that now and finish the tour next year, when it’ll be bigger than ever.

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