Security review: Abus Bordo 6000 folding lock

You'll have to be Wolverine to cut through this.
You'll have to be Wolverine to cut through this.

I’ve had more bikes stolen from me that I have sold and that’s the reason I went back to cheaper bicycles when I was living in the city. Now that I have a proper bike again, I wanted to make sure it stays with me in the future as well. Abus, the company that invented the U-lock has always been in the top list for my security needs, and I’ve never had a bike stolen with an Abus lock. Some locks even had clear marks of attempted violence, but they stood strong.

The problem with proper U-locks is that they are heavy and bulky, taking too much space either from your back or from your frame and that’s why I was very happy to be introduced to the folding locks that have been out there for a few years now. Abus calls their folding version the Bordo and it comes in three versions: the 6000 with a key lock, the 6100 with a locking code and the 6500 X Plus which has something super magical and a more high tech key in it.

The 6500 has a length of 85cm and the two other versions come in two lengths, 75cm and 90cm. The lock is made of three components: The locking part, links made of special hardened steel and rivets that connect the links to each other. There are six links in each lock, allowing it to go around even the larger posts and stands for your security pleasure.

The lock comes with a case that bolts on to the frame.

Not surprisingly, the lock is quite heavy setting the scale at nearly 1.5 kg but for its compactness it’s good for that quick stop in the coffee shop. There are versions of the folding lock from other manufacturers as well, which are lighter but are not approved by insurance companies unlike the Bordo. Of course, this doesn’t mean that that lock is impervious to bike theft. The link and rivet design can allow the thief to apply pressure to the rivets, breaking them and running away with your bike. Then again, I’m that kind of guy who wouldn’t leave a bike overnight in a public spot unless it was encased in concrete.

Our verdict: ★★★½☆

The Abus Bordo 6000 is a solid folding lock and comes with a compact case. Not only is it quite heavy, it also carries a hefty price of around 80 euros.

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By Markus Sandelin

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