Rack preview: Bike Porter from Copenhagen Parts

Finally a place to put your moustache wax in!
Finally a place to put your mustache wax in!

For some people bicycles are not just utilitarian machines of transportation but more like works of art or continuations of our personal style. This applies to all genres of cycling, whether it’s the specially anodized aluminium handlebars on your Nicolai downhill bike or this beautiful and quite functional looking front rack from up-and-coming company of cycling designers, Copenhagen Parts.

There are front racks left and right, but the Bike Porter has a twist. The rack is integrated with the handlebars, so you’re not only getting a nice rack, you get pretty shiny handlebars as well. It fits on most bikes that have two part stems (which most do) and installation is quite easy as stems usually only have two screws.

No, it won't make your bike look like this one.

I have a few issues with the design: Firstly, those gaps are huge. You could drop a baby through those gaps. Carrying a rose for your loved one? Shredded in your spokes. Riding with your purse or a 13″ MacBook in a neoprene pouch? Fatally hitting a granny to the neck when flying through the corner gaps after braking for red lights.

If you’re mostly carrying boxes or other large items, it might be OK. Sure, having a woven-pattern wicker basket kind of thing in your bike might be a bit lame, but it is very functional. Also, with the bike porter you are stuck with the handle bars, which are not very wide at 500mm, limiting the purchasing crowd.

The image I got in my head as well was if you’re carrying something heavy and your stem screws are just a tad loose and you hit a patch of cobble stones. Possible Ouch.

The Bike Porter comes in a swath of colors (Sandblasted Anodized Gold, Blue and Pink; polished Silver aka chrome and powder coated Black and White) to fit with your bike and your style. I really like the concept of Copenhagen Parts, but would I buy one apart from just having it in my bike to show off? No. You’ll also need other methods of securing your load to the rack, making the color-matching even trickier.

Was I the only one to wonder why the company doesn’t have a single photo of stuff in their Bike Porter on the site? Beautiful photos, but if you call your product the “porter”, best have some photos of portering.

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