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Fixies + Hipsters + Helsinki = Music Video

3 Comments 13 August 2010

If you thought that Finland is so desolate and full of polar bears that we had been spared from the invasion of hipsters and their brakeless fixed gear bicycles, you are wrong. When you ride down the streets, there is so much flannel, mustache and tight jeans that you’d think you are in the really cool side of New York City. Good for them! Top Billin’ are a Finnish crew that is loved for their music in the scene (which I obviously don’t belong to), but they made this very well produced and filmed music video together with the hipsters of Helsinki.

One of the nicest places in Helsinki for cruising

The thing that bugs me in the video is surprisingly not the hipsters themselves, but their apparent lack of self-preservation. According to the video, they ride drunk, without helmets, without brakes and without lights. They run red lights, dodge between pedestrians crossing the crosswalk, surf between cars and simply portray massive amounts of dickery, which is not good PR for cyclists. It’s still a pretty video though and it has Pelago bicycles in it!

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  • Velocodger

    High risk behavior. Typical adolescent testosterone-fueled hijinks. From skateboards to bikes….Le plus que ça change, ect.

  • Sweetness

    I can’t stand Helsinki hipsters with their f”cking moustaches, sh1tty music, “cooler than you” attitude and ridiculous fixie bikes. I hope they all get squashed by cars and do the human race a favour. On the other hand, normal people won’t have anyone to point and laugh at.

  • Ritva

    In english, “cruising” is gay slang. It means “looking for gay sex”. I guess that’s why they all have those moustaches?


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