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Commuting: Why so serious?

0 Comments 30 August 2010

Having a folding bike and a suit doesn't make you serious | Photo by Alvaro

When I picture a kid riding a bicycle, I see him with a big smile trying to go as fast as the bike goes. He is happy because he is the lord of the wind, rolling thunder and Lance Armstrong all in one. I also picture the kid usually without a helmet, unfortunately. Yet, when I see people while riding every day, very few faces are smiling. Most look like they have kidney stones.

That got me thinking: Do I look serious as well? So far I’ve been fast enough to not get photographed, yet slow enough to not get caught in speed cameras. Sure, there are quite a few instances in the commute where my face might be a bit grumpy; rubber related mechanical problems, getting cut by a obviously slower, only-using-the-bike-because-she-has-to-person before crossing the street and inconsiderate, selfish drivers taking a right turn and who are only looking left when I’m coming from the right (yes, I am very specific.)

So, do we look serious when we ride because we are serious, or because it’s not fun?

I’ll try to smile more without looking crazy.

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