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Commuting effects: Third month

No Comments 31 August 2010

The results of the last month, have I been able to keep up with the regimen? Find out and compare the numbers for yourself!

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Other bike Stuff

Commuting: Why so serious?

No Comments 30 August 2010

When I picture a kid riding a bicycle, I see him with a big smile trying to go as fast as the bike goes. He is happy because he is the lord of the wind, rolling thunder and Lance Armstrong all in one. I also picture the kid usually without a helmet, unfortunately. Yet, when […]

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Other bike Stuff

Tour de Helsinki with Polar Bears

1 Comment 29 August 2010

It's one week until Tour de Helsinki starts and we take a look into that and reveal the position Maarten had last year!

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Bike Building

Project 29er: Is bigger better?

5 Comments 28 August 2010

We talk about 29ers, the bikes even BikeMagazin agrees they are here to stay - but are they? We announce the upcoming Project 29er, take a look on what they are all about and compare their benefits a bit.

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City & Commuting

Commuting: The bike says no

2 Comments 27 August 2010

I’ll have to say, the beginning with the Ultimate Commuter hasn’t actually been very ultimate, to say the least. After only four days of riding I got my first flat, and I shrugged it off as a freak accident and luckily I had my brother to bail me out that time as I was quite […]

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Other bike Stuff

Video: Does two wrongs make a right?

No Comments 26 August 2010

Here’s another great example of how to promote safe cycling together with safe pedestrian action. The guy rides his bike without a helmet, against traffic and meets a gentleman coming behind a car, not using a crosswalk. Idiocy ensues. I do like the way they wrote the thing off and luckily no one gets seriously […]

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Our biker lives

Fighting fatigue to keep on cycling

2 Comments 25 August 2010

Are you feeling tired after your rides? Having problems with your motivation to ride? You might suffer from fatigue and you're not dealing with it correctly. Read our tips to fight fatigue.

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Bicycle and Gear Reviews

Rack preview: Bike Porter from Copenhagen Parts

No Comments 24 August 2010

For some people bicycles are not just utilitarian machines of transportation but more like works of art or continuations of our personal style. This applies to all genres of cycling, whether it’s the specially anodized aluminium handlebars on your Nicolai downhill bike or this beautiful and quite functional looking front rack from up-and-coming company of […]

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Other bike Stuff

Monday inspiration: Cyclocross trails in Scotland

No Comments 23 August 2010

This video by Andy Wardman which you can find below this short text is already a few months old, but it is a very refreshing video done by a single person. There’s a lot of effort as you’re going downhill, film it, ride back up and check if it’s good – if not, redo the […]

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City & Commuting

Commuting: Eating to keep your energy up

1 Comment 22 August 2010

Our reader asked us how to make sure you're eating enough so you won't wake up four in the morning feeling hungry. We look into nutrition, energy needs and personal practices.

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It all started in the spring of 2010, after a record breaking snowy winter when Markus bought a house 25 kilometers from the office and decided to handle the commuting with a bicycle. It turned out the bike wasn’t up to standards for that kind of stress and the first weeks were more tragicomic than glorious. Thus the idea began to brew to actually document this journey.

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