Tour de Zombies: Biking can be dangerous

Riccardo Ricco recovered by eating brains

For those who think professional biking is similar to lawn bowling and polo, you’re wrong. Not only do these guys ride at speeds of 70+ kilometers per hour, they also FALL at the same velocity. They also drive in tight knit groups of people, so if one falls, more people will fall as well. Below is a video of the much spoken Mark Cavendish tumble, where his front wheel just collapsed after it’s touched by a fellow biker and off they go, luckily no one died.

One thought: Ouch.

Cozy Beehive has an interesting post about the forces in a sprint crash and how they effect the riders (or fallers), check it out!

Cozy Beehive: Forces in a Sprint crash

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By Markus Sandelin

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