Review: Ortlieb Mudracer waterproof seat bag

The Mudracer has room for bike travel basics and more
The Mudracer has room for bike travel basics and more

Whenever you are going for a longer journey on your bicycle, it best to have the necessary tools and spares along with you. Our usual travel kit includes a spare inner tube for the tyres, a multitool, a simple first aid kit and tyre levers for changing the tube. Depending on the gear we have with us, this can go to our backpack, our shirt pockets but usually they go to our seat bags.

As the name implies, a seat bag is a bag that straps to your seat, usually using velcro straps and mounting brackets and there are different sizes available for different needs. We often find our keys and mobile phones in our seat bags as well, so we do not have to carry backpacks or have our pockets stuffed.

The Mudracer from Ortlieb is a bit more than just a seat bag. First of all, it’s waterproof: It’s made out of durable plastic, has a strong zipper and the whole thing is covered with a silicone cover, keeping your zip ties super dry. There’s also a version of the Mudracer with included red LED lights, removing the need for a separate rear light.

The silicone cover can take a lot of wear and tear before giving up

The smallest seat bag packs a volume of 0.4 liters and weighs only 160 grams, but as with all Ortlieb gear they do have a premium on their price but the quality we’ve noticed from ze Germans, we feel the price is justified. The Mudracers start from around 20 euros and come in three sizes, the 0.4 liter, 0.7 liter and a largest 1 liter version – which is around 35 euros.

Our verdict: ★★★★☆

If you’re looking for a seat bag, keep the Mudracer in your list – it’s worth checking out.

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