On a budget: Shimano SH-M063 SPD bicycle shoes

Shimano M063 Biking shoes

We already spoke about shoes in our post about, well, biking with the right shoes – and this time we’re taking a look on budget biking shoes that connect to the clipless Shimano PD-M520 pedals we talked about yesterday: The entry-level Shimano SH-M063 shoes.

The shoes themselves are very simple: They have a hard sole, a snug fit and velcro straps instead of laces that I think is better for biking. You can tell that your shoes and your pedals match if they both have the Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (or SPD for short) written somewhere. I also have to say, that the Shimano method of naming products is very Engineer-who-works-at-Microsoft-like and I find it quite confusing personally. Reminds me a bit of army.

Right, back to the shoes. The shoes come with the “simpler” cleat, which Shimano calls single-release cleat and you can purchase an optional multi-release cleat for about 20 euros. Again, with the stupid naming since it sounds like you can only release once with the simpler version and then you’re stuck for all eternity.

Unlike at a burger joint, these look exactly like their image.

Actually, the cleats differ only in one thing – the direction of release. With the multi-release cleat you have more options of twisting your foot to release, whereas the single-release version only allows release in one direction.

The shoes are designed so that you can walk with the cleats attached, although I wouldn’t take these babies out for a walk-walk, especially on hard surfaces – but they are quite comfortable a breathe a bit. They’re not waterproof, but bike shoes are designed to be so snug there’s really no other discomfort from wet feet while biking than the cold feet syndrome. Mentioning the snugness, if you’re planning on getting a pair of bicycle shoes – go and try them out first before ordering them online. They are designed to be similarly tight as everything else in the biking world seems to be and hitting the right size on the first try is nearly impossible.

Our verdict: ★★★★☆

For their price and comfort, we recommend the SH-M063 for a beginner clipless rider for their price and availability – and come on, they’re not ugly.

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