Is Lance’s $15k Giro helmet a good investment?

It’s Tour de France time and Cancellara is leading the pack even though the Lancinator is wearing a unique, molded-to-his-head fifteen-frickin’-thousand-dollar biking helmet he wasn’t in the top three on the first day.

Wired wrote an exclusive article about Giro and the making of the super helmet, so here you go. To be honest, will it really make such a difference?

The Giro team brainstormed project ideas and eventually landed on what seemed like the perfect one. What if it focused on building one helmet for one rider, so as to maximize performance? Armstrong was chosen as that one rider, and the cycling time trial –- which emphasizes aerodynamics, because each cyclist rides solo against the clock –- was chosen as the venue. The goal was simple: to create the fastest, most aerodynamic helmet in the world for the conditions Armstrong was likely to face.

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By Markus Sandelin

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