Help for Karl, a comatose cyclist

Karl Moritz with his three kids

I just bumped into this story about Portland, Oregon biker Karl Moritz who got into a head-on collision with a car after some mechanical or driver related problem. The crash was so hard that his shoes and helmet were blasted from his unconscious body and while he survived, he’s now in a coma in a local hospital.

As you’ve probably heard these stories of American health care, they are not usually the fun ones. Luckily Karl has himself an insurance policy, but not a long-term one and to boot, his wife Staci was recently laid off her work leaving their five person family without future stability.

So, if you can, help a biker brother in need with a small donation or more if you can.

Here’s a site built by Karl’s brother-in-law, where you can donate via PayPal:

Help for Karl, cyclist hit by car in traffic accident, Portland, OR.

For more information and discussion on the accident on the Bike Portland blog:

Bike Portland blog post about the Karl Moritz crash

Bike Portland blog post about the aftermath and update

And when you’re wearing your helmet, make sure it’s tight enough. There’s no point having one if it flies off the first thing you leave your bike.

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