Folding bike invented, is it useful?

Make it look like you crashed without breaking your bike!

A 21-year old British designer Kevin Scott wanted to be a classic designer and reinvent the thing between the wheel, the frame. It’s a novel idea, but so far the prototype is a single-speed, fixed gear and your wheels are still easy to steal when there’s not much use for your super-bendy bike.

Interesting tidbit is from the the article about bike theft numbers in London:

A total of 23,748 bikes were reported stolen in London in 2009-10 — up 27.8 per cent on the previous financial year — but police believe that the true figure could be double that.

Experts recommend that users should spend around 10 per cent of their bike’s value on a decent lock  – ideally two – and always lock it to a solid object through the frame.

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Young designer puts a new twist on folding bicycle idea | Mail Online.

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