Copenhagen – The city of cycling

Copenhagen Cycle Parade 2010 | Photo by Martti Tulenheimo
Copenhagen Cycle Parade 2010 | Photo by Martti Tulenheimo
Ah, Copenhagen. Whenever one is looking for some information about cycling, two cities are usually featured: Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. 38 percent of the city’s population commutes with their bike daily, and I bumped to this awesome video from the 2010 Velo-city happening by film maker Clarence Eckerson, Jr. who made a short documentary about Copenhagen and its bikes through the eyes of a North American.
Although things in Finland are pretty okay in regards of cyclists and their safety, it’s nothing like they have in Copenhagen. I sure wish it would. See the video from below.

Cycling Copenhagen, Through North American Eyes from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

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