Bicycles with love: Pelago

The Pelago Brooklyn is a beautiful bike

Biking has evolved quite a bit in the last ten years, it has gone from mainstream utilitarianism towards a more self-expressive direction. While bikes have in my opinion always been more than just objects or modes of transportation, they’ve lacked the certain mainstream flair and admiration like cars have for example.

Finns have made their own bikes for a long time, the “original” companies were started in the 1800s and they were all about socializing transportation for all the people – nowadays I think most of the companies are owned by some corporations, but hey, it’s all about marketing anyway, right?

They currently have four models named after cities and the steel-framed bikes come from single-speed, 3-speed and 8-speed variations of Shimano gear and all come with Brooks leather saddles as standard. What I really love is the quality and the thought that goes into the bikes and as a cherry on the top – they’re not even that expensive.

I was very glad to see Pelago bicycles introduce themselves, and if I’d still live in the city and have a shorter commute, I would definitely get one. I might get one anyway, they’re just so hot and they’re on a mission:

The idea for Pelago has developed during the last 10 years. Riding long kilometers in the city and out on the road has brought us where we are. We have taken part in bike development at the university, learned our lessons at a local service shop, dug out parts from junk yards, and fixed bikes for our friends. Yet there is still a lot to explore, and that keeps us motivated. Our aim is to make bicycles that you can be as proud of as we are – bikes that still ride in 2050 – bikes that serve the purpose.

The Pelago Antwerp has awesome curves

My plan is to go and do a thorough review all of the Pelago bikes in the next few weeks, and then continue with other Finnish brands so you people can see what’s up in the scene in Finland.

Before those reviews, you can check out Pelago bikes from their website and of course their Facebook!

Update: We are very glad to hear that Pelago has nearly sold out all their bikes, so we get to do our review and photo sessions in August – so you’ll have to wait a bit longer!

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